7 social media tips for the real estate industry

written by Lucie Osman on November 7, 2016 in Blog with no comments


The rise of social media has forever changed the way both online and offline businesses interact with their customers. Social media has the power to influence a much wider audience, be they consumers or referrers or friends of both consumers and referrers! In the real estate industry specifically, social media has enabled bricks and mortar and online agencies to build up credibility and develop powerful relationships in a much quicker time frame.

Despite its marketing power, it is surprising to note how few estate agents invest the required time and money to support a social media strategy that is aligned with the agency’s wider marketing efforts. In this blog, we share our top tips on how to make the most of your social media platforms and use social media to reach and attract new customers more effectively.

#1 Keep your brand consistent

It’s more likely than not that your agency has more than just one social media account. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest tend to be the most beneficial for business to consumer communication, but ensure that your colouring scheme, profile picture and cover photos communicate a consistent brand message that matches your website and offline profile. Consumers want to feel reassured by your brand, not confused.

#2 Create a social media plan

It doesn’t help to have social media accounts ‘just because you should.’ Agencies with no social media plan end up posting irregular updates without any fluidity, which can reflect negatively on the professionalism of the brand.

#3 Update with images or video

We all know that pictures speak louder than words. Online tools such as Facebook Analytics and Twitter Analytics prove time and time again that engagement levels are much higher with photos or videos: posting pictures of properties and neighbourhoods, or the key to someone’s new home are a good place to start!

#4 Don’t use your channel as a sales platform

Bombarding your followers or fans with new property listings is a sure way to lose them. Social media is about social engagement, not selling, and the appropriate ratio is 20% sales versus 80% social.

#5 Vary content

Following on from tip #4, the information you impart should always be of value to your audience. Retweeting your thoughts on latest industry news, or sharing other property influencers’ comments over and above your original posts, will give your followers a healthy balance of relevant material and will help raise your public profile to that as an expert within the real estate industry.

#6  Keep it relevant

The truth is that social media feeds are so flooded with material that it is sometimes easy to forget what is relevant and what is not. Be careful not to to stray away from your corporate social media strategy and don’t share personal videos or comments that may be unsuitable for the business brand or could even offend your followers.

#7 Don’t overdo the hashtags

Although hashtags are a good way of increasing the number of impressions of your post or tweet, there is nothing clever about hashtagging every second word in your sentence to reach the widest audience possible. Keep the hashtags relevant to your market to ensure that your are reaching the right people, the ones who actually want to hear what you have to say.